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April 1, 1991
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Men, Women
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6 hours, 21 minutes
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amateurporn . com / litalady
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snap: litabrownsuga. tip 200tks for 1 month of snaps
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Lita Rivera on Many Vids
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Early days/on the...
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No one understands me cause they doubt me.
I'm a woman of science and reason. Trust the truth.
Come to my BDAY PARTY in OAKLAND CA on APRIL 1st! There will be spoken word on nudity, musicians, food, poetry, art, swag/goody bags, first aid and resources such as resume building to get help if you need any...

We're building the community!

Earning money for a car, food and funds to help my friends and I throw a festival in Oakland Ca to rebuild the community there, and then the world!

I have problems with self harm so i stopped eating and drinking water consistently. Ive lost 18lbs from stress n depression so I'm putting the film/cultural festival on hold until my weight goes from 89, back to my proper 100lbs.

About the science-based film on how save the world!

LETS FUCK ALL DAY. HERES HOW: WATCH "THE CHOICE IS OURS" made in 2016 ON YOUTBE. I did not make it, it was made by a college dropout who moved on to be a highly respected Futurist, a self-taught philosopher and engineer.

He has great ideas for how to scientifically save the world. In order to gain credibility, he approached doctors, scientists and other qualified persons to back up his ideas with research. He gained some attention and mentioned all of his ideas back in the 70s on Larry King live.

He was telling everybody how to save the world on mainstream media. But nobody listened. So back in 2006, he released a film called "Future By Design" about his ideas, which I saw. It gained some attention, but again, not enough.

In 2006, they estimated we could change the world in ten years. 12 years later, they say it can be done in 7 (with advances in technology.)

This is why they revamped the film in 2016.
The world could've been saved by now.

My art sale fund my non profit efforts to help those who need help getting ahead to help themselves move forward. I'm also continuously raising money to benefit water and land conservation, those in need of food/water/shelter.

Check my website for details.

let's meet! i love meeting my long time fans.

Favorite 5

Up Close, Wet, Fuck with Jesus 2.5mins 666tks

When Jesus and I first got together and got on the road to nowhere, we pulled over on the highway and banged one out. It's that early wetness in the very first video Jesus and I made.

POV BJ 666tks

I'm living on the East Coast. I just moved in and Jesus visits. It's the first of many houses you'll see me living in since I left California for what I see as an endless/long-term road trip.

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Would you cum on my ass, please?

Magic Wand Solo Video 6m 666tks

My magic wand is all I need to cum.

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Up close pussy rubbing and a little bit of nipple play

More vids available. 26tkns and TIP NOTE "exclusive vids" to talk about the others

Wish List:

Go on YouTbe to watch "Future by Design" and/or "The Choice is Ours" and donate money to the film fest! I need to pay artists for posters, musicians and others for contributing their time. A utopian world CAN happen! I know someone who is working on implementing one of the solutions to end world hunger.